Sunday, April 6, 2008

a new home?

so we went house-hunting.
it was fun and stressful and romantic and totally terrifying.
but mostly it's exciting.

we've looked at three so far (all in downtown hamilton).
1#: beautiful brick exterior, nice interior, bad neighborhood.
2#: gorgeous interior, homely exterior (no pun intended...), good neighborhood.
3#: quite terrible in general. in fact, we were keeling over with laughter as we toured it, because it was so terrible that being optimistic was hilarious. not to mention the surprise child in one of the beds...

so far we can't stop thinking about #2...
it's a great size for us. it is 2.5 stories, has beautiful floors, with a new kitchen, a lovely porch, and an awesome loft (kevin loves that part)....3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and big beautiful windows.

but we'll be looking at three more on wednesday.
who knows if this is even the right time for us...
so pray for us as we consider it.
we'll keep you posted.

(picture: 'little boxes on the hillside' by swallowfield...etsy)

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